Amelia Morris

Staff Photographer, Production Staff

Background: BFA in Studio art emphasis in photography from Ball State University in beautiful Muncie, Indiana. (And yes, I am a practicing artist, thankyouverymuch).
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: Two years
Hobbies: Traversing the Monon Trail. Sewing provocative pennant banners. Thinking about canning... and sometimes doing it. Eating “reject” truffles.
Spirit Animal: The noble pit pony. You know, those ponies that used to haul materials in coal mines of yore. Also, Archimedes the Owl of The Sword in the Stone. “Who who?! What what what?!”
If I were a vegetable I’d be: a cherry tomato... even though it’s actually a fruit. OR a cremini mushroom... even though it’s a fungus. Or kale because I like kale.
What is your superpower?: Turning pop songs into Winston Churchill-esque wartime inspirational speeches.

Elizabeth Garber


Background: Art and Design degree from Alma College (and top secret skills learned while in a dream–state).
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: All the time.
Hobbies: Gardening, piano playing, guitar plucking, art studio time, book reading, face–stuffing, all the cooking, and hiking.
Spirit Animal: Rosie, my teeny tiny, adorable and sweet doggie. My spirit guide, however, is a butterfly.
If I were a vegetable I’d be: corn on the cob. It's versatile, colorful, and sweet, but, if I get too hot I'll explode.
What is your superpower?: To never feel tired, but still enjoy sleep. Like, sleep could be an activity, like knitting or reading. 

Gaby Salinas

Retail/Packaging Staff

Background: George Washington High School. Junior at Franklin College.
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: A year in November.
Hobbies: Cooking. Watching YouTube videos. Doing art stuffs. Visiting family.
Spirit Animal: Apparently it's a deer. I didn't choose it, it chose me. If you want to know what your spirit animal is you can take a quiz online.
If I were a vegetable I’d be: None; I wouldn't like to be eaten.
What is your superpower?: None. I'm just a normal person. 

Ildelisa Arteaga

Production Staff

Background: School of life
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: about 8 years
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, walking in parks
Spirit Animal: Eagle. [Silent and majestic]
If I were a vegetable I’d be: Sweet potatoes because they're sweet.
What is your superpower?: God is my superpower. 

Kris Morris

Production Staff

Background: BS in nursing, '75. Retired after 37 years at University Hospital–labor and delivery.
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: One year
Hobbies: Reading. Movies. Learning new things. Fitness and nutritional health.
Spirit Animal: Elephant. Elephants are highly empathetic and family/group oriented. They don't worry about nose too long, ears too big, skinny tail, tree–trunk legs. 
If I were a vegetable I’d be: an eggplant. Beautiful color, hearty, versatile, gets along well with others.
What is your superpower?: Ability to go with the flow and not get too bent out of shape!

Mackenzie Brady

Retail/Packaging Staff

Background: Some schooling in film. Most of my work experience comes from my barista background.
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: Just a few months, homie!
Hobbies: Writing, watching and making movies, drinking coffee, snuggling my dog!
Spirit Animal: My spirit animal is Will Ferrell. Specifically, Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy or Ricky Bobby... because I am ridiculous. 
If I were a vegetable I’d be: kale. Kale is delicious, and sturdy. I am not claiming to be either of those things but you should eat more kale.
What is your superpower?: Making people laugh until they're uncomfortable. 

Mandy Isselhardt

Retail/Packaging Staff

Background: Associates in Applied Science in Pastry Arts from The Chef's Academy
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: On and Off for 6 months
Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family and relaxing in my free time.
Spirit Animal: A wise old owl... Hoot Hoot!
If I were a vegetable I’d be: a tomato because is it really a vegetable or a fruit?
What is your superpower?: Having the mentality of, "Mind over matter, because if I don't mind, it don't matter!"

Meredith Karasiak

Production Staff

Background: Degree from IUSB.
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: About 1.5 months.
Hobbies: I like to study things I'm interested in; read; play with my two cats; imagine having a dog; taking walks; sleeping and naps.
Spirit Animal: An owl. They are weird, observant, intelligent, quiet but can be loud. I think their outlook is similar to mine.
If I were a vegetable I’d be: a brussel sprout. They're delicious and can be had many different ways. Their layers are like my layers... haha. And, it's always a surprise when you realized you love them!
What is your superpower?: I have the all mighty skill of being forgetful. Trust me... it'll blow your mind

Natalie Johann

Retail/Packaging Staff

Background: Degree in exercise science. Yoga instructor. Master of eating chocolate.
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: Two months
Hobbies: Cooking. Gardening. Bike riding. Laughing.
Spirit Animal: Bear. I like all things sweet like honey. 
If I were a vegetable I’d be: a sweet potato because sweet potatoes are awesome.
What is your superpower?: I can breathe underwater. 

Owen Rudloff

Production Staff

Background: Finishing a Master's in Paleoclimitology at IUPUI.
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: A few months.
Hobbies: Jacks.
Spirit Animal: Ghouls
If I were a vegetable I’d be: Pimentos.
What is your superpower?: Opposable thumbs. 

Robyn Pierceall

Shop Manager

Background: BA in studio art and  a minor in Human Sexuality from IU.
Time at The Best Chocolate in Town: Six years
Hobbies: Revolutionary War reenacting. Gardening. Dogs. Cooking. Craft Beer.
Spirit Animal: Carole King because science.
If I were a vegetable I’d be: a beet because you can eat the tops AND bottoms and they are a surprise under the ground.
What is your superpower?: Movie quotes.

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